Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waiting for the Perfect Answer ???

On one of my flights I read this book about one of the biggest business leaders of our times. He is an ex - CEO of one of the largest company in today's times.
I just wanted to write these few lines I read by him and which hold good for all new and old entrepreneurs and for all of us who want our company to grow into a strong and large organization but scared to take decisions for the fear of being wrong.

There is no formulaic answer to a question in science.
The same holds true for most business problems. There are rarely black or white answers. Business is often smell, touch and feel as much as or more than numbers.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Obelisk in USA

Greetings everyone from the Windy City (Chicago).
It has been a long and hectic week but finally managed to climb the first step of the ladder. Congrats to all we have a small place in downtown Chicago and even though I am alone here, trying to find clients and get them to hear about Obelisk, the thing that keeps me going is the support and vision of all of you.
Going by our values I am following the frugal way and saving up on small costs like transportation, resources and making that extra effort to get things done.
Starting this week I would be trying to meet a lot of architects and firms to network with them till the AIA convention on April 30, 2009, which will help us create awareness for Obelisk. Not sure how much this would be of help in today’s scenario, but this is the only approach we know off and by god we are going to make this work.
So like an intelligent entrepreneur once said to me, “Better to be wrong than confused”, Obelisk is going to go ahead and try all possible routes to success.
Best of Luck

Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIA Connvention 2009

Maneck along with the Sales team would be attending AIA Convention 2009 at San Francisco. Obelisk can be reached at booth 234 located in the South Hall, Moscone Center. We look forward to meeting everyone who will be attending the convention between Apr 28 and May 2.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Financial Year

Last Year when Obelisk was conceived it had only 3 members. At the beginning of this New Financial Year from April 1, 2009, we would be more than 30. As we are into the last month of this financial year I look back at the past year and realize what a roller coaster it has been for us and for the world markets.
With world markets crashing and bankruptcies being filed by major corporate giants, it has been difficult times for businesses all over the world. The reason why we all moved on was primarily because of our hard work and perseverance. Amidst these tough times we managed to grow steadily and develop a consolidated infrastructure, thanks to everyone's effort.
But, some feel the worst is yet to come and I urge each one of us to brace ourselves for the future. There are really going to be tough times ahead and a major resource crunch. There could be a lot of frustrations and rejections. As they say Every Cloud has a Silver Lining, the only ones to survive and see the good times would be the patient and the frugal businesses.
So this New Financial Year let us all make a resolution that each one of us would work hard and not care about the results till we have seen these bad times pass. Let us keep our growth steady and planned and I am sure we together would very soon reap the rewards for our perseverance.
Good Luck.