Thursday, October 28, 2010

napshell - the art of power-napping

Napshell was design and developed on the basis of human movement to facilitate a relaxing sleep position that is relieving for both back and spline.

It is design to accommodate a wide range of persons regardless of body type and height. and the visual and acoustic effects within the capsule make it easy to reach a state of relaxation.

The Napshell was part of the exhibition “Interior/Exterior - Living in Art” at the Museum of Art in Wolfsburg (Germany).

Some of the key features of the napshell are,
• especially developed for power-nappin
• symbiosis of elegant design and functionality
• application areas (office/fairs/hotels/at home)
• offers privacy and the feeling of security
• innovative `room within a room` concept
• more flexible and cheaper than a common relax room
• MP3 sound-system with speakers / headphones
• unique and customized to your individual needs
• high laying comfort
• intuitive use and smoothly getting into the Napshell
• optimized by several studies of motion sequences
• upholsteries: artificial leather / micro-fibre / leather
• ergonomically optimized lie down space
• relaxation of your spine and muscles
• very hygienic by a simple cleaning

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Standing behind the BIM bars, I ask the BIM non-believers – Are you nuts????

Sometimes when you pause and let the world go by at its speed, you are in a position to objectively think about the world that has just moved ahead together in a herd.

Now, I would not say that attaching myself to BIM (in context to the AEC industry) would imply the same thing but BIM seems to be a process which is changing the face of the AEC industry. BIM plugs the loopholes in the design and construction process and makes it more efficient.

One of my friends Gregory Arkin from derives comparisons between well known author Seth Godin’s theory of Efficiency is free – Why BIM is better. He states and I quote, The only way you can make it past the recession is through the BIM door.”


I take this further and ask the architects, engineers and contractors who still don’t believe in BIM – ARE YOU NUTS????!!!!! BIM would give you the edge and professionals using these tools will be unbeatable on their bids. Large scale projects & even Federal projects are already demanding BIM a prequalification for architects and consultants.

As Gregory says, as more and more owners get educated on BIM, resistance would be futile.