Friday, December 31, 2010

Is BIM the next Construction Standard for 2011?

Is BIM the Next Construction Standard for 2011?

Building information modeling (BIM) is increasingly becoming the design standard for architectural and construction engineering. Adopting BIM technology and tools is likely to be a future priority . Despite its relatively recent development, Building Information Modeling (BIM), which involves digital models for use in construction and design, has crossed the threshold into broad adoption, making it an important consideration in maintaining engineering competitiveness.

In terms of technical capabilities, BIM, relies on design tools to draft three-dimensional models for fabrication, construction and engineering purposes. Unlike CAD, however, BIM creates models parametrically, tracking the relations between multiple objects within a larger design so that if one object changes, all the others are adjusted accordingly. In addition to consistent designs and cost and materials estimates, BIM can also be used to analyze numerous engineering factors, such as lighting, acoustics or energy usage, in order to provide feedback while designing. The reduced material waste and ability to optimize energy consumption through BIM has also made it an emerging option for green building projects.

New technologies often take time to gain widespread acceptance, as many companies are reluctant to make a significant investment in tools or processes. However, as BIM becomes standardized, it will become increasingly necessary to incorporate some elements of this modeling technology in order to retain or grow market share.

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